The production unit producing tablets is equipped with the latest technology of IMA, a company that supplied the equipment for wet granulation including a fluid-bed dryer and technology for the subsequent homogenization. The production of tablets takes place on a rotary tablet press manufactured by Kilian with production capacity up to 150,000 tablets per hour. We produce tablets using the wet granulation method and also direct compression.

This machine enables production of round tablets with diameter up to 16 mm as well as oblong tablets with size up to 18 mm.

Noventis is also pleased to offer film or sugar coating technologies. Our technology and our experience are available for our customers‘ need.
Different coating technologies define required release profile as well as effect desired tablet protection.

The coating machine capacity is in the range of 15 -80 kg.

The equipment used for checking the product is manufactured by Erweka and Mettler-Toledo.

Tabletky obrázky