Soft gelatin capsules

Soft gelatin capsules are especially filled with medicinal products and food supplements that are intended for direct oral administration. Gelatin capsule serves as an edible package, which among offers other very good properties.

  • precise and convenient dosage and dispensation also of very small volumes of broad spectrum of various substances
  • masking sensorial undesirable properties like unpleasant taste and smell of active ingredients
  • significant deceleration of the degradation process and therefore enhanced natural durability and stability of encapsulated substances

The manufacturing line for soft gelatin capsules is equipped with two capsule machines by Pharmagel engineering that meet strict requirements currently put on this type of machinery.

Size and shape of manufactured capsules depends on used forming cylinders and weight of the capsule; its contents may range from 75 mg to 3,900 mg. Even on our product manufacturing line the facility has modern equipment for instance Czech inspection of qualitative parameters (microscopic inspection of properties of the gelatin capsule, elasticity measurement etc.).