About us

Noventis, s. r. o. is a Czech company that focuses on the production of pharmaceuticals, food supplements and cosmetics, located in Zlín. We hold a GMP Certificate (Good Manufacturing Practice) because our priority is the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

In 2004, we took over marketing rights for some of the pharmaceuticals of Zentiva JSC. Our present selection of pharmaceuticals will continuously expand as we actively enter into negotiations concerning further acquisitions of generic pharmaceuticals and we are prepared to cooperate with major pharmaceutical companies. Our aim is to introduce effective and high-quality generic pharmaceuticals into the marketplace.

Another part of our corporate plan, which is no less important, is the manufacture of food supplements. We not only develop our own food supplements, but also function as a contractual producer for a number of business partners. Our next planned activity is the manufacture of cosmetics in form of soft capsules.

In 2005, we built new production facilities with the technological equipment necessary for making tablets by direct and indirect compression. Thus, our company is prepared to offer our services for the making of solid pharmaceuticals (tablets, soft gelatine capsules) and their packaging (blister-packs, medicine bottles).

All our products are made in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practice regime (GMP) and, therefore, we are prepared to enter into foreign markets. Our specialists are experienced not only in pharmaceutical technology, but also in quality control and regulation policy. In addition to professionalism, we offer extensive flexibility and an individual approach.

The manufacturing process for food supplements and cosmetics follows the same production principles as the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. The final product, along with its production and warehousing, is subject to high diligence and due care. All products are continually undergoing checks by our internal laboratories, as well as the checks done by the relevant public health authority responsible for quality in regard to the production and distribution of pharmaceuticals. High-quality, carefully selected raw materials with pharmaceutical characteristics form the basis for our entire assortment of food supplements and cosmetic products.

As well as doing business in areas of the Czech and Slovak Republics, we are also entering other areas of central and eastern Europe in conjunction with the broadening of out portfolio of pharmaceuticals. Through collaboration with top pharmaceutical companies and important institutions, we hope to strengthen our position in the marketplace by expanding our present portfolio of products, as well as the spectrum of services offered.