Procedures and Facilities

The production activities of the company Noventis, s. r. o. are focused on the areas of medicinal products, food supplements and cosmetics, with a specialisation in the production of soft gelatine capsules and tablets using direct and indirect compression (using moist granulation). The products are then packaged in plastic or glass bottles or blister packs. If necessary, it is possible to package them "in bulk". We also ensure production and packaging according to the individual needs and requirements of our contractual partners.

Soft Gelatin Capsules

The production department is equipped with modern technology from renowned manufacturers of pharmaceutical machinery, as well as laboratory equipment meeting the demanding requirements for pharmaceuticals in order to ensure the quality of the product.

Production of Tablets

The production unit producing tablets is equipped with the latest technology of IMA, a company that supplied the equipment for wet granulation including a fluid-bed dryer and technology for the subsequent homogenization. The production of tablets takes place on a rotary tablet press manufactured by Kilian with production capacity up to 150,000 tablets per hour. We produce tablets using the wet granulation method and also direct compression.

This machine enables production of round tablets with diameter up to 16 mm as well as oblong tablets with size up to 18 mm. We plan installing tablet coating machine. The equipment used for checking the product is manufactured by Erweka and Mettler-Toledo.


The finishing production unit is equipped with three finishing lines that enable packaging of soft gelatin capsules and tablets in plastic and glass bottles or Alu-PVC blisters. Quality of filling is controlled by a camera system in combination with supervisory equipment manufactured by Mettler-Toledo. Final packaging of the folding boxes is done on equipment manufactured by Romano.


All products are subject to in-process-control during the entire production process, the released product batches are subject to sophisticated final inspection using modern laboratory equipment and methods.